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Music Directors: Ryan Bair - Luca Gliozzi


Recording Projects

Recording Project No. 1
October 20th, 2019

Iasonas Maroulis

Thaleron Chimera (Updated)

Audentia Ensemble

Ryan Bair-Conductor

Recording Project No. 2
October 25, 2019

J. S. Bach 

Concerto for Violin and Oboe C min BWV 1060

Rodrigo Checa Lorite- Violin

Ignacio Cano- Oboe

Audentia Ensemble

Ryan Bair- Conductor


Guitar Concerto Premieres

On September 20th 2019, Audentia hosted conductors Ryan Bair and Constantin Riccardi and joined forces with guitar soloists Vitor Noah and Giacomo Susani for a night of two brand new guitar concerto premieres written by Rafael Marino Arcaro and Giacomo Susani at The Royal Academy of Music. The concert was a great success, being hailed as "Two Superb, Ground Breaking Guitar Concerto Premieres."


On October 5th 2019, Ryan Bair lead a recording session of Marino Arcaro's Concerto Apinayé with Vitor Noah.

Recently, Audentia has joined forces with Dimitris Soukaras and Iasonas Maroulis with many projects in the future. These include a concert and recording of Piazzolla's double concerto conducted by Luca Gliozzi, and a world premiere concert and recording for Naxos of Theódoros Andoníou's Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra conducted by Ryan Bair. Audentia will also record and give the world premiere of Iasonas Maroulis' Allegory of the Great Obligation for Guitar and Large Ensemble conducted by Ryan Bair.

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